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The seamless integration of SharePoint 2013 with the Windows desktop enables dragging and dropping files easily. Largely used in adding one or multiple documents to a document library, this drag-and-drop feature is part of a new and simplified SharePoint user experience.

Getting Files into SharePoint
While we only outline the drag-and-drop method in this blog, there are several ways to get files into SharePoint:

  • Create a document directly, using Word, Excel, PowerPoint or OneNote
  • Drag and drop files from a local computer
  • Upload a single document using the SharePoint Upload button
  • Upload files using Windows Explorer
  • Add files directly using the “Save as” dialog in a standard Windows application
  • Map a drive to the SharePoint library
  • Add files using SharePoint Designer

Moving multiple documents into a folder or subfolder was a challenge in older SharePoint versions. Dragging and dropping files from one location is now much easier in SharePoint 2013, opening new options for content authors. To add files using drag and drop:
Drag and Drop Procedure 1a

Drag and Drop from SharePoint on to Computer
To add files from a SharePoint library to the local computer using drag and drop:
Drag and Drop Procedure 2b

Moving from One Library to Another
In addition to adding documents to a library, this feature can also be used to move one or more documents from one library to another. The only way to move content across libraries in previous SharePoint versions was by using the Explorer view.

Simply drag and drop the selected files onto a different Library in the Quick launch bar and SharePoint moves the documents:
Drag and Drop Procedure 3b

MH (Marc-Henri) Lauzon
MH Lauzon is President of the cloud-hosting provider ITUtility.NET, a Canadian leader in the cloud-hosting industry. With unparalleled expertise in Microsoft® SharePoint®, he has been helping private- and public-sector organizations automate their business processes using that platform since 2003.
May 8, 2014: SharePoint 2013 Drag and Drop Feature Enhanced  



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