Private Cloud

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Resell Private Cloud under your label

Looking for a cloud hosting company that is channel-friendly, 100% Canadian-based, secure and able to meet the growing demands from your client base? Trust ITUtility.NET to be your virtual private server (VPS) and Dedicated Hosting Partner when offering Private Cloud services.

ITUtilty.NET is an Ottawa-based hosting organization that works with the IT channel, globally providing hosting services ranging from Microsoft® Exchange, SharePoint® and Dynamics CRM to dedicated hosting services for any application you need to run in the cloud.

The ITUtility.NET Private Cloud offers fully-scalable, dedicated virtual-server hosting solutions in the cloud on a month-to-month basis. Our Partners have the ability to host any application or services through this service. Turn to us for all your Private Cloud and Canadian-based dedicated hosting needs.

Want to move a client’s Exchange or other application service to the cloud while maintaining complete control of the environment? The ITUtility.NET Private Cloud provides all the control delivered by onsite servers while reaping all the benefits of the cloud.

In addition, leverage Microsoft Services Provider License Agreement (SPLA) licensing and offer your clients a low monthly price while enjoying the same benefits as purchasing everything through open license. This positions you as the Trusted Advisor who’s looking out for your clients’ best interests and not just someone out to make a sale.

ITUtility.NET will ensure that you are successful and completely satisfied by assisting you in supporting the needs of your clients. We help you throughout the entire process. Because we are channel-focused, we will never deal directly with your clients. That’s a promise.

Learn more about the ITUtility.NET Private Cloud solutions today. Call us at 1-888-567-ITUN (4886) or attend any of our webinars.