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Agile Business Solutions for Your Clients

Your clients are demanding more from their existing IT investments and ITUtility.NET helps MSPs, system integrators and IT consultants meet this demand, allowing them to retain their highly-regarded Trusted Advisor status, something they worked hard to earn.

You can’t do it alone and ITUtility.NET supports your delivery of the services your clients are demanding. Business hasn’t changed – business owners still only care about how they are going to make money and access the tools to help them cut waste in their organization, ultimately resulting in more revenues and increased value for their shareholders. What can you do to help deliver this? How would your clients view your relationship now?

Having ITUtility.NET as your trusted hosting provider will help you meet all your clients’ requirements while keeping their data and information safe, secure and available.

Introducing ITUtility.NET BOB
Whatever the goals for your clients’ business, the ITUtility.NET Business Online Bundle (BOB) provides them with the tools they need to get the job done with zero aggravation.

Sales Force Automation
BOB provides your clients with the required tools for managing every potential source of revenue from leads, through opportunities, to signing deals. The BOB portal provides an easy-to-use solution for your clients, allowing them to effectively track the status of any deal.

Manage Service Delivery
Clients require a robust and scalable solution from you, their Trusted Advisor, to help them take a deal from the initial signature to a fully implemented solution. BOB allows your clients to track project status, assign milestones and manage projects through the BOB Project Management site.

Full Collaboration
Your clients will enjoy the benefits of business-class email with the ability to collaborate online by scheduling meetings, sharing calendars, documents and much more using Microsoft® Outlook.

Interested in learning more on how BOB will help your clients meet their business objectives? Call us at 1-888-567-ITUN (4886) or attend any of our webinars to learn more about our hosted solutions and how you can offer the power of the cloud to your clients.