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Partner-focused cloud hosting for service providers: Focusing on your success, we do not sell direct.

Top 10 reasons to Partner with us:

  1. You own the client: We do not sell direct, we do not compete with you.
  2. Maximum profitability: You set the price, bundle with your services.
  3. Recurring revenue: You get paid every month, grow long-term cash flow and recurring income.
  4. Complete solution: We offer a complete suite of cloud services for shared and dedicated hosting, everything you need to migrate your clients to the cloud.
  5. Expert support: Best technical and sales support available, you speak directly to people with the answers, not a machine.
  6. No-hassle hosting: We worry about the infrastructure so you do not have to, supported by a team of experts to ensure the highest uptime in the industry.
  7. Your brand and identity: Full white-label support, your clients may never know we exist.
  8. Reseller focused: All our tools and reports are designed to help you be successful in selling cloud services to your clients; our Partner Portal offers a complete suite of documents and material to help you build your cloud business.
  9. No obligation: No commitments and no aggrevation, all services are month-to-month.
  10. Strongest partnership: We do what we say, our staff focus on your success and commit to helping you build your cloud business.