Founded in 2005, ITUtility.NET™ is the only white-label hosted-services provider that’s entirely Canada-based and selling exclusively through managed IT service providers, cloud consultants and Microsoft® SharePoint® and CRM specialists. ITUtility.NET hosts Microsoft Outlook®, Exchange, SharePoint, Lync and Dynamics CRM. Through its Partners, the company offers the latest technology solutions to small and medium businesses (SMBs) on a subscription basis. ITUtility.NET Partners leverage opportunities for bundling and branding cloud-hosted solutions and services to offer their clients and prospects the right solutions for their businesses. Clients of today’s IT services organizations no longer need to worry about installing or maintaining on-premise servers and other complicated technologies. The bundled offering from ITUtility.NET and its Partners enables businesses to cost-effectively increase productivity and efficiency, using a pay-per-use model that offers flexibility and greater control over budgets.

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You own the client

We do not sell direct, we do not compete with you.

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Maximum profitability

You set the price, bundle with your services.

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Recurring revenue

You get paid every month, grow long-term cash flow and recurring income.

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Expert support

Best technical and sales support available, you speak directly to people with the answers, not a machine.

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Complete solution

We offer a complete suite of cloud services for shared and dedicated hosting, everything you need to migrate your clients to the cloud.

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No-hassle hosting

We worry about the infrastructure so you do not have to, supported by a team of experts to ensure the highest uptime in the industry.

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ITUtility.NET and its Partners enable businesses to leverage the same tools and technologies that only larger companies could afford in the past.


Sell these products under your brand.





Private Cloud

Business Online Bundle


Partner-focused cloud hosting for service providers: Focusing on your success, we do not sell direct.

Your brand and identity

Full white-label support, your clients may never know we exist.

Reseller focused

All our tools and reports are designed to help you be successful in selling cloud services to your clients; our Partner Portal offers a complete suite of documents and material to help you build your cloud business.

No obligation

No commitments and no aggravation, all services are month-to-month.

Strongest partnership

We do what we say, our staff focus on your success and commit to helping you build your cloud business.

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December 17, 2015

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